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Gaming provides a major revenue stream in any club, to obtain the maximum benefit it needs to operate efficiently and transparently. Our computerised tote system provides both of these. It administers the whole process and automatically determines winner(s), prize monies and profit without mistakes.  If required It can automatically send the results of the draw to your website (see http://beads.uksocialclubs.co.uk as an example).

We have ticket printing solutions so you can print your own raffle and event tickets. We provide all the necessary ticket design software and ticket rolls and you save money.

We also offer other exciting games such as mini totes and quickie bingo (Quickie fours) games that will raise money even on the quieter nights or in addition to the bigger games.

We can supply all the equipment and support to help your club succeed, see our products page for some great money saving ideas.


uksocialclubs is a site dedicated to providing users of the touchtote tote system a free website where they can showcase thier club. A fairly basic template is provided and the results of all thier draws are uplaoded to the site in real-time providing they have an internet connection to thier tote system. Vists http://uksocialclubs.co.uk for more details.


A club website helps all of your members find out what's happening in their club and can encourage them to use the club more often. It also helps to promote your club to prospective new members. Touchtote can provide everthing you need to design, build and maintain you club website. We can provide a domain name, email services for club officials and members. You can use the club email system to promote special events and send reminders to your members. Visit http://touchtotehost.com for more information.