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touchtote Products

Touchtote Terminal

All in one computer with 15" touchscreen to run the touchtote software

Touchtote Keyboard

A bespoke keyboard contains all the numbers between 1 and 90 and a qwerty keyboard together with function keys for simple one click operation of the totes.

TM-T88V Thermal printer.

Recommended printer for the touchtote system
High-speed printing of up to 300 mm/sec. Same speed for internal graphics
Multi greyscale printing for high quality logo printing
Automatic paper reduction function saves money
Outstanding reliability - 4 years warranty included

Star TSP 700 Series Ticket Printer

Ultra High Speed: 250mm/sec
Ultra High Class-Leading Reliability
Up to 0.15mm Paper Thickness
Connectivity: WebPRNT, Serial, Parallel, USB, PUSB, LAN,
Black Mark Label Support
Rear Paper Feed
Vertically Mountable

Till Rolls

80mm * 80mm  60gsm Till rolls for tote system

80 * 100 107gsm Till Rolls for ticket printing

Available in White, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange & Yellow

Ticket Maker Software

Design and print your own tickets.
Contains templates for the most popular ticket types.
Automatically generates raffle numbers for tickets
Include many Formula functions for generating and handling data, including versatile date and time formatting, field concatenation, blank line removal, sequence numbering and simple arithmetic.