Tote System FAQ

Why is it called touchtotesystem?
The system has been designed to run using a touch screen, making it very natural and easy to operate. However we can also supply a specially designed keyboard instead should you prefer that.

Can anyone operate the machine for a draw?
The system is very easy to operate. To log into the system you will need a user name and password assigned by your clubs system administrator(s).

Can I change the supplied draws to suit the way we do things in our club?
Yes. Whoever has administrator rights to the system is then able to alter such features as the cost of a bet, the percentage profit to the club, whether the draw should be rolled over, the maximum size of a permed bet etc. More complex changes will be completed free of charge by Webintellect.

Can I have a rollover facility to increase the prize money and entice punters to bet more?
Yes. Any draw can be configured to roll over. The Bingo forecast is always rolled over if not won as the winning numbers are taken from the bingo game.

Can I run different draws on the same night?
Yes, definitely. You can exit out of a draw and go into another with a few keyboard presses. So you could sell tickets for one draw say between 7:30 and 8:00 and then switch to another draw and sell tickets for that one between 8:00 and 9:00. But to maximise takings you could use more than one machine and sell tickets for both draws simultaneously. Information is automatically transferred between the machines and they all update immediately.

How are the winners decided?
These must be drawn by the club either on a special random number generator or simply drawn from a hat. The Touchtote system does not produce winning numbers. This way there is no suspicion placed on the operator and the draw is seen to be open, honest and fair, which is important to maximise the participation of members.

How can I cover the cost of draws?
The cost of a draw is very small but nevertheless real. You can set an amount for expenses for each draw. This will be fully accounted for in the closed betting and draw result print outs. It will also show on your invoice providing full accounting.

How can I determine the performance of the draws and decide the most profitable ones for my club?
Accompanying each invoice you will receive a detailed breakdown of the all draws since the last invoice which will include the following details:- • Name of draw • Date and time of Draw • Amount collected • Profit to club • Amount of prizes • Number of prizes • Value of each prize • Winning symbols

How do I pay?
Initially you will receive a one-off invoice for the hardware. Each month or quarter you will receive an invoice detailing all the draws you have made, with a full summary of each draw and the total amount owing.

How does the system make it easier to operate these draws?
Punters can choose as many bets as they want on a single ticket. Each bet may be a Single (3 numbers), a Perm, with the Field, or a collection of bets that have previously been saved on the system and are identified by a unique PIN (Punt Identification Number). The system keeps a running total of the number of tickets sold and the amount of money collected, and calculates the available prize money. When the operator chooses to close betting, no more tickets can be sold for that draw. At this point a Close Betting Receipt is issued by the system, and a screen appears on which the operator inputs the winning numbers. The system then searches all placed bets, and reports the winning ticket number(s) and the number of shares on each ticket. It also calculates the value of each share and the profit for the club. The system also allows for a rollover or redraw to take place in the event of there being no winner.

How is it that the system is so fast, easy and reliable to use? and how reliable is the system?
Ease of use is due to the initial conception of the system, which was developed in close co-operation with personnel from several clubs to ensure that the design perfectly matched their requirements. It has now been operating reliably in a number of clubs for over five years. Speed and reliability are also delivered by the latest Microsoft.Net technology that has been employed to build the system. The Epson thermal printer supplied with the system is the fastest and most reliable in its class.

How much money can we make from using your system?
That depends on the size of your club and how many draws you can accommodate and also the number of tickets you can sell for each draw. Typically you will take around £1,000.00 per draw and your club will retain 20-30% of this as profit. A large club would run around 14 draws a week (two each night, except one and two on a Sunday lunchtime.

How secure is the system?
The system is extremely secure with numerous safeguards in place. All operators must log into the system before they can sell tickets. The date of the draw is decided in advance, before any tickets can be sold. All tickets carry a completely unique identifier ( a 32 char GUID); each ticket has a timestamp showing the date and time (to the nearest millisecond) that is was sold and also the operator who sold it. The club has to ensure that betting is CLOSED before a draw takes place.

How soon can I have the system working in my club?
Once an order is placed for the hardware we can usually have the system configured and installed within a few days.

Is it slow to enter complicated bets?
No. It’s very quick and easy. Lucky dips and perms can be entered with a single key stroke and any number of these can entered onto a single ticket. Where a punter chooses all his/her numbers (or letters) individually these have to be entered only once, and can be saved for use in subsequent draws. When a series of bets are saved they are allocated a PIN (Punt Identification Number) so that the next time a customer wants to place the same bets they just quote their PIN. They can of course add further bets before the ticket is printed.

We are a busy club. Can your system cope with the volume of tickets sales we generate?
The system is easily fast enough to cope with the demand. The only potential bottleneck would be the operator accepting money and issuing change. If this is a problem simply add more machines. All machines are networked and are designed to work together seamlessly. Multiple systems can also be useful for running different draws at the same time.

What happens after the winning symbols are entered into the system?
Draw receipt(s) are printed detailing:- • the Amount collected • the winning symbols • the number of shares • the value of each share • the actual club profit (shares are rounded down to the nearest 50p) • the winning ticket numbers • the number of shares on each of the winning ticket numbers. The number of receipts printed is flexible. You may want one each for the person paying out, the doorman, and another for the office.

What happens if things go wrong?
How to use the system is covered in the comprehensive user manual and the built in help system. You will also have direct telephone support every day. If there is a hardware fault then we will arrange for replacement equipment to be shipped the next day. If you have internet access in your club we can arrange remote assistance where we can connect remotely to your system to diagnose and fix problems.

What happens when betting is closed?
No more bets can be taken for that draw. A close of Betting receipt is printed which details the following:- • the number of tickets sold • the number of tickets void • the total amount collected on each machine • the profit allocated to the club • the available prize money The number of receipts printed is configurable; you may want one each for the person paying out, the doorman and another for the office.

What information is printed on the ticket, what do the tickets look like?
A tickets has the following details:- • The name of your club • The Date of the draw • A PIN if one was used to retrieve the bets • A ticket number • The bets placed • The total cost of the bets placed • The name of the operator who sold the ticket • The exact time & date the ticket was sold • The small print (decided by you) e.g. o No Ticket No Prize o Members Only o The name of the Promoters • A globally unique identifier for the ticket The tickets are like a till receipts they are printed by a receipt printer on 80cm wide thermal paper, here is an example ticket.

What type of draws can I do?
The system is supplied with the following draws as standard • 1 - 18 treble • 1 – 21 treble • 1 – 35 double • 1 – 90 double (Bingo forecast) • A – Z treble. Other similar types of draw can be added depending on your requirements.

What’s it like doing business with WebIntellect Ltd, how reliable and trustworthy are you?
For impartial advice on this we would be happy to put you in touch with any of the clubs we currently deal with.

Where can I see the system in action?
We would be happy to demonstrate our system at your club. Alternatively (or additionally) you may prefer to see the system in operation in another club, and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Why don’t you charge for configuration changes or additional totes?
We charge a small set price per draw. We therefore will not charge to tailor the system to your requirements.